Rebake all posts matching a pattern

(Arpit Jalan) #1

Want to rebake all the posts matching a string or regular expression? Let’s do it!

Access Your Site

First connect to your Droplet via SSH, and enter the Docker container for your Discourse instances:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app

Rebake All Posts Containing a Specific String

Run this command:

rake posts:rebake_match["pattern"]

Replace pattern with the string you want to match. Note that the match performed will be case insensitive.

rake posts:rebake_match[":slight_smile:"]

The above command will rebake all posts which contains :slight_smile: in post raw body.

Rebake All Posts Matching a Regular Expression

To use regular expressions instead of specific string matches:

rake posts:rebake_match["pattern",regex]

PostgreSQL uses POSIX Regular Expressions to perform regex matching. The matching will be case-sensitive.

rake posts:rebake_match["(:slight_smile:|Discourse)",regex]

Rebake all posts containing :slight_smile: or Discourse in post raw body.

rake posts:rebake_match["^Today",regex]

Rebake all posts which starts with Today.

rake posts:rebake_match["^(Today|Yesterday)",regex]

Rebake all posts which starts with Today or Yesterday.

Optional: Add a delay between successive rebakes

In case you want to add a 5 seconds delay between successive rebakes, do:

rake posts:rebake_match["pattern",string,5]

Replace 5 with n (seconds) as per your requirement.

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(Colin Marshall) #10

Is it possible to rebake all posts from a specific user?

(Jay Pfaffman) #11

Not with that rake task. You could do it from the rails console.
Something like

posts = Post.where (user_id: 123)

posts.each do |p|

(Colin Marshall) #12


One more situation. I migrated a forum from SMF to discourse and there are all these posts that say “Sent from my (device name) using Tapatalk.” I ran a query and got rid of that line from all posts that contained it.

I tired running rake posts:rebake_match["Tapatalk”] but that didn’t work because I’m assuming it matches from the raw post data and that query removed the word I’m trying to match.

Is there a way to I can match against the built html from the rails console?

(Jay Pfaffman) #13
posts = Post.where ("cooked like '%Tapatalk%'")