Rebuild app without updating discourse?

Is it possible to ./launcher rebuild app without updating discourse?

You could, but you would have to specify the exact commit hash in your app.yml file.

Can you please give me an example how this would be setup?

In app.yml uncomment

#version: tests-passed

and replace tests-passed with the commit hash something like

version: f7a335a64e7146166d5fdaedcfee816997f2822d

You can find the commit hash in github if you click on the commit that you want.


How can find necessary commit ?
For example, I have version 2.4.0 beta2 and want to stay on this version.

Go to github and look at tags and you can choose the one for the version you want.


@Alexander_Bogomaz This might be related: How about an easier way to determine version of Discourse by end user - #2 by jomaxro

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