Rebuilding with a specific version

Context: I’m setting up a staging site and I want to have the same version on staging as production so I can test the next update on staging before applying the update to production.

How do you ask/get launcher to rebuild with a specific version of discourse?

In app.yml where it says version: you can put a Git commit id or a version ID.

It’s a bit more tricky to keep the plugins all tied to the same commit ID.


Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

The commit id 6515dc3582309ce58427f57aa1248c3e32877d6e

commit 6515dc3582309ce58427f57aa1248c3e32877d6e
Author: Sam Saffron <>
Date:   Tue Jun 18 16:14:38 2019 +1000

    DEV: bump dependencies
    - new ImageMagick
    - new NGINX moved to stable from mailine
    - new Redis
    - new PNG Quant
    - updated libjemalloc

failed but using version v2.4.0.beta1 worked!
Thanks Jay @pfaffman :slight_smile:

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Hmm. I’m pretty sure that I’ve used a commit id, but the beta tags are likely just as good.

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