Rebuild HTML on Posts or Topics

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: This is a how-to guide explaining how to rebuild HTML on posts and topics

Sometimes posts or topics in Discourse will contain links with embedded metadata that needs to be updated.

If you need to perform a manual HTML rebuild on ‘hot’ topics that require your attention, you can follow the below steps:

Rebuilding HTML

This can be done manually by:

  1. Clicking the ... icon near the bottom of posts:


  1. Selecting the “Wrench” icon:

  1. Clicking the “Rebuild HTML” option:


:person_raising_hand: Do all users have the ability to rebuild HTML?

No, only staff users (admins and moderators) and TL4 users have the ability to rebuild HTML.

:person_raising_hand: What if my links still aren’t updating after rebuilding the HTML on a post?

Typically this indicates an issue with the link itself. We recommend running both a working and non-working link through something like to confirm the link with the embedded data is working correctly outside Discourse, and contains all relevant oEmbed data.

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Trust level 4 user can also do that.

It would be great if there was not only documentation for admins and moderators but also for TL4. Why is this one for admins and not for moderators?


Thanks for mentioning this, I’ve added this to the guide, and I’ve also moved the guide to the moderators category since all of the information here will also apply to site moderators.