Rebuild with cached locale files?

I looked a bit at finding a way to monitor performance during rebuild, but I’m no sys dev.

Anyway, I’ve noticed in the CLI a lot of “locale” related stuff scrolling by, and was wondering if for sites that have only a single locale with the user locale preference not enabled, it might improve the rebuild process if unused locales could be in a cache and not be a part of a rebuild each time.

An issue might be checking the source locale files for changes.

And it could be that although I see a lot of locale stuff happening during a rebuild it only adds up to a relatively insignificant amount of resource use compared to everything else that happens.

If anyone knows a way that I could monitor how much the unused locales impact rebuild, or knows it isn’t worth exploring, please tell.


Now that we split off plugins js and core js we can cache application and all locale minimized bundles somewhere and have our precompile process try for it before doing the work mountain.