Rebuilding top topics and replies in profiles after import

Any decent way to accomplish this?

Like data exists since that was imported successfully.

I think that stuff gets done daily?

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It does not it seems.

Have all of your sidekiq jobs completed? If they have, you can look at the bulk importers and there are some rake tasks that might do that. (Or perhaps someone else will give you an actual answer.)

Yes, all the sidekiq jobs have run successfully. The import has been running for a couple of weeks now and this data has not corrected itself. The ensure_consistency rake task run after import doesn’t seem to rebuild this. There’s a rails console command to rebuild topic statistics that appears to fix this value, but that method is extremely slow. With our topic count we’d be looking at over a month for it to process all the topics at the rate it was going.

Any ideas from anyone on the @team

Would be cool to properly fix profile stats.

We still investigating how to resolve this that isn’t just a rails console command.