Receive entire topic in email?

I can set to receive new posts by email, but is it possible to somehow receive as a one-off all the historical posts in that thread by email as well?

No, aside from digests, the emails are, in effect, notifications (ok you could argue ‘mailing list mode’ is more than that but its still essentially an always-on notification for what is mostly a web based app). So just like any notification they are based on events. You can’t go back in time, you can however influence what you receive in the future by changing your notification levels.

In any case, why can’t you visit the site to see prior communication? Isn’t consuming hundreds of posts in email a really bad user experience in comparison to visiting the web app?


That is what I suspected.

I keep historical messages in my email client for offline use. It is also easier to view the new post, and all others from that thread there, than to separately open a browser to view them elsewhere.

Also, I use Discourse in mailing list mode, so I am not ordinarily using the web interface.

To be clear it is not that I want historical posts for every thread to be sent along with a new post. Just in the instance where there is a thread I want to follow, maybe because I have posted an issue to that thread myself, and I would like to have all previous comments in my email client as well.

But thanks for the reply anyway @merefield. It really just confirmed what I already suspected, but had a tiny hope that maybe there was some trick to getting the others.

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np, I must learn my email clients better, because I too would find a very useful workflow, i’m sure. There’s no doubt email allows you to aggregate so much information from different sources to make you more ‘platform agnostic’.

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btw, if you really wanted to have this feature, there’s no reason why you couldn’t build it in a plugin, or post in #marketplace

e.g. add a button to a Topic to shoot an email for each post to the requestor.

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