Receiving "body is unclear" error for Japanese text

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #1

The following text is unable to be posted. “Body is Unclear” error is thrown. Why?



Thank you for comment.
The content that I taught was very helpful.
I think that I will investigate a little more based on the contents received, but basically it seems difficult.
(If it can, it seems to be something that is not quite universal)
Basically I will expect the product to support input of URI.
Thank you for various responses.
(Joffrey Jaffeux) #2

This would probably work if SiteSetting.allow_uppercase_posts = true

Guessing the issue here is URI

More explanation:

"基本は".mb_chars.downcase.to_s == "基本は".mb_chars.upcase.to_s

So for our TextSentinel class 基本は URI is a full caps text and it fails the seems_quiet? check.

(Jeff Wong) #3

Seems like a good suggestion should be to have that particular check disabled if the post downcase = upcase then, right? Maybe not perfect, but it would catch all-character posts like the above.

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