"Body seems unclear" error when users are typing in chinese



It seems that Discourse has some trouble dealing with Chinese characters. Our users cannot submit topics/posts if they use in chinese? In this case, I can see that it’s a long message but we still get the “Body seems unclear” message.

Any idea?

(Sam Saffron) #2

I see what is happening here.

We automatically disable this on Chinese forums but your forum appears to be English with a Chinese category.

Just set body min entropy to 0 in site settings.


Hum. Correction. It seems setting the body min entropy to 0 did not fix the issue. I tried with another text in Chinese and I still get the same error even though the body min entropy is set to 0



Did i miss something?



Following up on this issue. I’m running some test with the latest version of discourse.

Body min entropy is set to 0. Same for Title min entropy.

When trying to create a topic with the body below I get the “Body unclear” error:


Is there a quick work around on this? My Chinese users are getting nervous because of this issue.


(Shogo Ochiai) #6

I’ve clarified this issue. But newbie is only able to put single picture on a post. So just a evidence and conclusion.

Conclusion, for both title and body

  • Validated: English capital letter ONLY
  • Validated: English capital letter AND (Chinese letter OR Japanese letter)
  • Succeeded: Chinese letter AND Japanese letter
  • Succeeded: English small letter AND (English Capital letter OR Chinese letter OR Japanese letter)