Recover deleted categories

Is there any way to recover/undelete deleted categories? List of deleted categories can be found from /admin/logs/staff_action_logs?filters=%7B"action_name"%3A"delete_category"%2C"action_id"%3A27%7D

I don’t believe there’s an automated way to do that. If you have dozens of them then you should likely automate it at the rails console, but it’s likely easier to do it at the ux unless there Ara lots of them. You can type


To see the fields a category has and then something like

  Category.create (name: 'the title'......)

And supply enough information for the command to succeed. There is also Administrative Bulk Operations that might have clues.

Is there a way to do it via UI?

Is it to create new categories or recover deleted categories?

You cannot undelete them. They are gone (unless you have a backup you want to restore). You will just have to create them again. Whether you do it in the ux or the console is up to you.

Thanks for confirmation.

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