Red Header\Banner on all pages "⚠️ (this message is only shown to site administrators)"

This is probably not Discourse code issue perse and probably something else…

This appeared on our discourse install today. Only change I recall making is upgrading guest gate theme component and Material Dark theme.

It is only appearing for me (I’m the sole admin)

I’m on 3.1.0.beta6, here’s my plugin status

Any ideas?

You should start by upgrading your Discourse instance to the newest beta 3.2.0.beta2-dev.

Then try again. If problem proceeds try disabling those theme components and reinstalling them back one at a time.

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Sounds like this is not a known issue then?

This looks like a place to start I guess.

There has been signifcant changes in core recently and since you are on an outdated Discourse version, installing theme components that have recently been updated is going to cause problems.


Building off of @Lilly here, IIRC one of the more recent core changes was to fix that banner so it showed the actual error that triggered it, rather than a blank :warning:.


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