Redacted sensitive data - still visible in post history?

(Dan Dascalescu) #1

The ability to see a post’s edit history is great for ensuring credibility, as defined in the Muut manifesto.

However, if a user has mistakenly included sensitive data (real names, accounts, passwords etc.) in a post and an admin intervened to edit it, can something be done so that the sensitive data isn’t visible in the post history?

(all I could find was this, but that was a bug)

(Michael Downey) #2

There is a workaround that Admins can do:

  1. Edit -> Copy the post content
  2. Delete the post
  3. Create a new post omitting the data then change its owner to the original owner.

(cpradio) #3

You can also hide revisions of the edit history by opening the edit history and clicking the hide revision button (hint it is the trash can). Then only staff/admins can see that revision.

(Jens Maier) #4

Seriously? That’s the first time I heard of this feature! :open_mouth:

(Robin Ward) #5

Don’t feel bad, I also did not know about this feature until that post :stuck_out_tongue:

(Dave McClure) #6

Here’s a link to a topic about this feature, which links to other topics previously:

(Stephanie) #7

Ooh, neat! This will be useful.

(Stephanie) #8

How can I delete a revision from the history on my own edited posts? I don’t have the little pencil. I’m guessing that I don’t have the little pencil because it’s assumed that I know that I edited my post, so I don’t need to be informed of that fact. But is that the only way to access the revision history?

(cpradio) #9

No you should have a pencil, unless you do it within the ninja edit window

(Stephanie) #10

Ah, maybe I’ve just been editing really fast without realizing it.

Edit: yeah, I think that’s it. My brain goes too fast sometimes.