Redirect after login loses query params

This is my route code:

import { defaultHomepage } from "discourse/lib/utilities";

export default Discourse.Route.extend({
  beforeModel(transition) {
    if (!Discourse.User.current()) {
      $.cookie("destination_url", window.location.href);
      return this.replaceWith("login");
    this.replaceWith(`/${defaultHomepage()}`).then(e => { => {

The redirection to the login page works well, but after login, I get redirected to the correct controller but without the query parameters I had in the original request.

Is there a way around this that doesn’t involve using custom local storage entries/cookies? Am I doing something wrong?


I still don’t know how to preserve query params, but I have solved my own issue by using url params instead of query params (so the route is now /keybase-proofs/new-proof/:username/:kb_username/:sig_hash).


Do we want URL params? That seems highly unorthodox.


I assumed it was the right way to do it since the query params get lost in the transition. Perhaps I am doing something wrong with destination_url or the redirection to login?

I think it’s a bug in the core. I see a similar fix for SSO by @sam –

I will investigate and push a fix.


Note that redirect with query params survives login flow for http://localhost:9292/new-topic?title=beta. Relevant code can be found here:

@emanuele I will need more details.

  • What login method are you using (email/password, social, sso, etc)?
  • Can you provide a sample URL with query param?
  • Is your plugin live? Can I test it on my local instance?

Feel free to PM me above details.

Hi :slight_smile:

  1. I am using email/password
  2. http://localhost:9292/keybase-proofs/new-proof?kb_username=etamponi&username=emanuele.tamponi&sig_hash=puppa&kb_ua=foo
  3. The plugin code is at:

To test it, replace the value of the username query param with your username. The route code is in routes/new-proof.js.es6 and it looks basically the same as the code you posted.

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Looking at:

It seems like we preserve query params for a few pre-defined paths and this pattern started with this commit (not sure why I did that… :confused:).

@sam should we start supporting query params for all the paths? I don’t see any security implication by allowing query params on random path.


As long as this is carefully reviewed I think it is fine to extend support here.


This issue is now fixed via: