Redirects on load remove URL parameters

Noticed this a while ago, just remembered it.

Sometimes, I publicly post links on our forum to a theme preview link so others can see new changes before they’re applied to all themes. I’ll give out a link like:
Which is long, so I’ll try to shorten it to:
But that doesn’t work, because when it redirects to the full topic URL it strips off the preview theme.

The same thing occurs with safe mode query params.


Someone with a better understanding of our routing will hopefully chime in… but this might be more of a feature request than a bug.

I’m not sure query parameters were ever intended to be included with those short links — my understanding is that when a short link is used the application checks for the permalink, and redirects to that… so the query param would need to be lifted off the short link and reapplied to the permalink to get this working.


Interesting, I didn’t know it worked that way.

(Likely due to that same functionality) if a topic’s title changes, the same issue/behavior occurs.

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This has been fixed in


Does that fix also apply to safe_mode params?

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