Redirecting Problems

Honestly I have some Idea How is Work’s but not well enough?:

I’ve have an old forum with a name, the I start discourse with a temporally name, when we start, we rename the old forum to a new name and the temporally name take the original name.

Now all search in google redirect to Discourse and Give user 404 I would like do something with Permalink:

  • New is the name of the RULE or a Direction…
  • Choose external_url : to redirect to a url that may not belong to your Discourse instance, I need to write the HTTPS: or just start with /
  • URL -> link to the main page of the old forum

Example of my URL:

Some Question come to my mind:

  1. Is inmmediately or replication needed?
  2. What parameters receive it,Where, How?


Did you import the data from the old forum to the new one? Which importer did you use? Usually the importer creates the permalinks.

No, We’ve created from new, we don’t want migration and we keep the old forum as another name


I’m making some progress:

Name : old
Topic Post Category External URL
n/a n/a n/a|es)/question/[0-9]+/[a-zA-Z]+/

Is a click in the link open the old post with with reggex just for test but in google not…


So discourse will take the name of the existing forum. You will rename the existing forum. You want discourse to redirect the old forum URLs to the new name for the old forum?

What you want is a permalink redirect. That will let you redirect them all at once.

What I want is all incoming request from google from the old forum to discourse and give 404 redirect to the old forum and not give 404 error…


Search for permalink redirect.
You can do something like this

/en/( *)/https:\/\/newsite\/en\/\1/

this is for the external URL? and for the NEW it say that is and URL is a name a rule or what?


Did you do that? You’ll add this site setting on the Discourse server.

Sorry but I’m being crazy with this, I do not understand your jargon:

Is there a way to check all incoming traffic from Google from a site that is not on Discourse and not was migrated and give me 404 on Discourse and redirect this traffic to specific Category on Discourse? or a Topic example:

| In                              | Out                          |
|        | | Category
|    | | Topic
|    | | Topic


NOTE: Can you’ll explain the image, something for DUMMYES: I would like to try to understand this, I read and re-read the reference but I can’t understand…

  • What is New.
  • What is ?
    • Topic ID for redirect to a topic on discourse? How to find it? and fill it
    • Post ID for redirect to a post on discourse? How to find it? and fill it
    • Category ID for redirect to a Category on Discourse? How to find it? and fill it
    • External URL for redirect to external link??? or for What? and fill it
  • What is the another field? for each field comment before? and fill it

NOTE: The sites are structures like this:

  1. New site

    • Category
      • sub-category
        • Topic
    • etc
  2. Old site

    • /en/number/description/
    • /es/number/description/
  3. Where is permalink normalization? in what part of the /admin panel???..

  4. All this stuff can be done via GUI

WARNING : I don’t want to do my job’s I only want to understand this…


That’s why you’re question didn’t make any sense. This is not a discourse question. It’s a question for whatever other site you’re coming from. You can Google “your web server 404 redirect”


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