Redirect the home page of the forum

Hi discourse community
I discover step by step discourse and i need to redirect the home page to a landing page like this (create with the plugin discourse-landing-pages)

The wizard setup doesn’t offer it.
I tried with this plugin GitHub - sylque/discourse-home-page: A Discourse plugin to set the home page of your Discourse instance but it didn’t work… (I got “This page does not exist or is private”)
I will explore the nginx option but i’m not sure of the result…

Do you know how to do it ?

Check out Custom Homepage for Groups. It sets the home page depending on the user group. You can copy that code to change it however you want.


Thanks @pfaffman.
It’s good to be able to count on you!
I will take a look at it.
I’m also moving forward on the nginx track but it requires a bit of skill. :sweat_smile: