Can you create a custom landing page?

I understand the normal homepage, and modifying that. I also understand banners and pinning topics.

What if I wanted a unique landing page for referring people from a specific location, maybe I wanted to highlight specific topics on this landing page etc – is there anyway to do something like this?

I found this topic, but it didn’t solve my concern

No, not at the moment. We’ve discussed the ability to create static pages in Discourse, and will possibly have something within the next 6 months or so (sorry can’t be more specific than that!).

Is there anything specific that are you looking to accomplish (I assume custom layout is one big component) that wouldn’t be covered by linking to a specific topic?


There are a couple plugins that may help but not sure how extensive to acheive your desired end.

This plugin may help but plugin author said it may break along the way.

There is also a couple of plugins that do forms of static pages like