Redirection from doesn't work

I managed to install the site but I don’t know why the redirection from doesn’t work.

the rest of the addresses work, that is: ===> ===> ===> (also work )

the problem is - security error
What’s wrong?

TYPO ? lol try

The Problem is this:

Security error usually means that the SSL certificate is not valid for given domain. Have you installed a SSL certificate?

You don’t have a https cert for the www. You can search here for how to create a very cert for multiple domains, but you’ll need to modify those and it’s a bit tricky.

The easier solution I to use www instead of using the bare domain and have redirect to the www for you.

but I’m gonna be right there. If I installed lets encrypt then why shouldn’t I have a certificate for www?

Why do I need to use external solutions?

If you want to be right then you can try Setting up Let’s Encrypt with Multiple Domains.

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Do I lose something in positioning(seo) without having this cerficate?

Can an external premium ssl certificate (from namecherp etc) help or only complicate the matter?