Www to non www with https

how to redirect www to non www with HTTPS
but in safari give error

any one help me please

Do you have a certficate for both urls?


Yep that’s your first and main problem, see:

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its not work for me
please give me another way to solve this issue

Your sertificate is for supportgroupsnew.com, not for www.supportgroupsnew.com. So you should recheck your settings. How did you exacly

  • did redirection
  • got certificate for www-url (and are you telling that certificate too; that depends how you did redirecting)

Shortly — we need more info about what you have done.

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can you please give me the exact steps to install a certificate to www.

No I can, because I don’t know your setup — are you using a reverse proxy, done it using docker or something else.

Perhaps you could tell what you hqve done so far?

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- exec: /var/www/discourse/customize/script.sh

Your hostname is without www, so you will get a certificate for that, not for www.etc.

And where and how did you do redirection?


can you please help me redirection

You can follow the above link that has instructions to request both certs. On those instructions don’t make sense (and really, even if they do) I recommend that you put your site on www and use forcewww.com to do the redirect.

Browsers hide the www from the user (and most don’t notice urls at all), so there is no benefit in using the bare domain.