Reftagger theme component

The Reftagger library allows you to convert bible references on your Discourse forum into links with a hover-preview.

By request of @outofthebox we made a theme component based on this code.

I’ve added a setting that allows you to select the translation you want to use, and the component extends the content security policy to allow for the reftagger library to be included.

Repository here.


@RGJ, our community loves this feature. Thank you for developing in a secure and customizable manner. I appreciate your generosity in sharing this work back to the Discourse community.


We’ve been using that for the last 18 months or so, and it’s worked like a charm. Happy to see it improved and made more easily available!


Wow, that’s super cool.

I would love to see a similar component in which custom keywords and previews can be defined.
That would be super useful to create a glossary for example

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There is the auto abbrify words theme component which does such a thing.


I really appreciate you and everyone who contributed to the original conversation on Meta about how to make this feature work!