Regenerate terms of services after updating contact email address

I followed the steps from this post. I did the rake posts:rebake command and I tried to rebuild the HTML of the post. Both didn’t return any error, but the email address still doesn’t match up with the updated contact email.

Am I suppose to update this manually? That doesn’t seem right to me. Because it would be nice if this is kept up to date to the best legal standard Discourse comes up with. So regenerating the template would seem best to me. Am I missing something?

Looks like you were looking to do this

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When running rake posts:rebake all posts are “rebaked”. So not sure what a pattern would add to that besides being more specific about which posts to rebake. But I did all with no effect. The place holder for the contact_email is not replaced with the new email address set.

Yes, you are supposed to update this manually. Those topics are created when you first launch a new Discourse instance and aren’t touched afterwards. We assume that you customize all the legalese and rules for your needs.

Have a look at Update seeded categories and topics if you want to update some or all of those topics with the latest templates shipped with Discourse. It will update the contact address as well.


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