‘Register’ button not switching to ‘join’

Thanks for the amazing work. I believe this is a big feature for all discourse isntances.

On my case, I successfuly integrated the plugin via the API. made the configurations required and I’m now able to create webinars into discourse subjects. Only problem I have (I don’t know if other users encountered it too), is that the “register” button does not switch to “join”. Therefore users cannot join from Discourse (I tried with both 0 and 5 minutes before meeting starts options).

Any idea on how to fix this ?
Thanks in advance

Did you set up the event subscriptions in Zoom? If you did and it isn’t working, it’s possible there have been changes in the Zoom API that the plugin isn’t aware of. But I would start by making sure that event subscription is set up correctly and your Discourse instance receives those event notifications.

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Yes everything is set as described in the plugin’s meta.discourse post. I have only a small doubt about the endpoint URL: it is set to https:/forum.plateforme-cmsc.net/zoom/webhooks/webinars.json (forum.plateforme-cmsc.net being my discourse). Is that correct ?
I believe the discourse receives event notifications. When event is created it has all correct infos + when I ended the event on zoom it displayed it on discourse “your event has now ended” so my guess is event updates/notifications are received.
Only problem is with the register button not switching to join.

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Is anyone using the plugin having this same issue?
Is there a solution to fix this ?

Thanks !

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Sorry for the delay in responding here, but this most likely is an issue with the enabled events on your Zoom account. Make sure you check all the boxes under Webinar there:

I have made some updates to the plugin over the past few days, it is now using the latest Zoom Web SDK and should work correctly on most modern browsers.