Registration window does not open in embedded browsers

Hello. We use discourse! as a web view in our application coded with Flutter. Recently I noticed that the forum membership screen did not open. While doing research, I noticed something like this in the browser console (see image). Could it have something to do with this?

Also in the latest version (d405305456) the experimental new lightbox does not work. When you click on the image, the image does not appear. There’s just his steamy shape in the background.

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This certainly feels like an unsupported-install not sure we ever supported this officially

That said I will ask the modern js team about this in case they have any ideas.


Are you able to share an example Flutter app which has Dicscourse embedded? As Sam mentioned, it’s not strictly supported, but if there’s anything easy we can do to fix/improve compatibility then we’re generally happy to do that.

The error in your screenshot could be related, but it doesn’t look like it’s coming directly from Discourse (we don’t have a ‘webcontent.js’ file). Most likely, it’s something being injected by your WebView.

It looks like Flutter webviews are backed by different OS engines, so this might be platform-specific.