Discourse not supported on DuckDuckGo browser because of AndroidWebView

Can anyone tell me how to fix this issue? It was working fine yesterday but has stopped now. I really do not want to migrate to another browser so can anyone tell me a way to fix this.

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Can you provide a little more detail? I’ve tested meta.discourse.org on duckduckgo’s beta desktop browser as well as mobile on iOS and both appear to work.

Which operating system are you using? Do you see any kind of error? is it a blank page?

ya maybe my post was unclear. I am using the mobile browser and it says the browser is not supported so i cant log in to the site. It shows all the posts but in a wierd format. i dont want to use edge or chrome so if duckduckgo can be supported as well it would be a huge help.

Can you please share the exact versions of your OS and of the browser ?

Android 9 and the latest version of duckduckgo available on google playstore

Works just fine on my phone

I’m using this version

yeah I have the same browser version, Is it the android version then?

I get this

It is version 5.146.0

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That’s very interesting. It shows that the DuckDuckGo “Browser” is just using the OS provided webview renderer :rofl:

A quick Google search tells me:

The DuckDuckGo browser uses WebView, the OS-provided rendering engine.

In its essence, it’s just a UI slapped on to WebView, which is why it’s so small. At the moment, the only WebView options are Chrome and Chromium, so basically, DDG uses Chrome/Chromium. AOSP has Chromium, but I’d imagine most phones would ship with the Chrome WebView.

So the problem is that your OS webview is not up to date. I think the app you need to update is


can’t seem to find any update button for it on playstore, any work around? shold i install an apk or something else

Okay i checked my settings and it is disabled and MiWebView is enabled. SO what should i update then?

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I guess you can try, but I can assure you that Discourse doesn’t officially support MiWebView. So I hope it works, but it’s not something we test against.

okay fixed it. For android versions 7,8,9 android web view is tied with google chrome, so to update it I had to update google chrome. Wish i did not had to do so since I hate the new card tabs for chrome, but now discourse works fine for duckduckgo. If anyone knows a way to downgrade chrome without affecting webview do message me

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