Regression on the latest build - 2.6.0.beta4 missing {min_users}


I’ve updated my Discourse instance to - 2.6.0.beta4 - and I found a regression bug in the message “js.bootstrap_mode_enabled”.

The value “{min_users}” is missing and the message on the homepage is displaying “[missing %{min_users} value]” instead of the original value - " bootstrapmode min users", which is 50.

In the settings the value “bootstrap mode min users” is set to 50. I guess the mapping has been broken somewhere.

The bug is not present on 2.6.0.beta3.


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Should be fixed as soon as hits the tests-passed branch. Probably within the next 15 minutes.


Thank you for the fast reply! I didn’t thought it could be connected to the translation branch.

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