Reject email if title already used

What’s the proper way to handle incoming emails with the subject equals the topic title already exists?

Such emails are rejected with email_reject_invalid_post_specified. Setting allow duplicate topic titles is disabled. Might it help me if enable?

On one hand, it is good not to mix emails and existing topics especially if duplicate titles not allowed.

On the other hand, for my case (corporate use in isolated network) user expects that his or her email will convert into post in existing topic when subject == title.

Sorry, I don’t understand what you wrote? Can you provide a specific example?

Hello Jeff, thank you for the answer and support. Sorry that I did not explain the user case. I thought that user could use certain topic title as email subject to his email was attached to that topic. Forum engine creates new topic instead.

I found easy solution: It is enough to move just created topic to existing topic. Next user emails will be attached to proper topic. Handling those posts is proper as well (Discourse detects the chain of email answers).

There some job for my moderator :slight_smile:

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