Anon email-in should be able to add multiple posts to a topic

(Michael Downey) #1

As a user without an account who emails in “anonymously” to a category (which has “Accept emails from anonymous users with no accounts”) enabled, I want to be able to send multiple messages in to a topic without being rejected with a “title has already been used” error, so that I can post multiple messages to the same topic.

In other words, sends a message with email subject Discourse is great. Because doesn’t have an account, that person doesn’t get email notifications. However, they may log on to the web site and read replies. If that person then wants to reply, they should be able to send another email to with the exact same subject line, and the content of that email should be appended to the topic.

Emails in with already-used subject should append to that topic
(Jeff Atwood) #2

Er… what? Do you mean create multiple topics? Why would the title of the email matter for replies to an existing topic?

(Michael Downey) #3

What I mean is:

If you send a follow-up email “anonymously” with an identical subject, it should be appended to the existing topic with that subject/title. Current behavior is to reject that 2nd anonymous mail because “title has already been used”.

(Dave McClure) #4

The way other (ticketing) systems handle this is to send an acknowledgement email to the sender. That contains the reply key so replies will get appended to the same topic (ticket).

Emails in with already-used subject should append to that topic
(Michael Downey) #5

Is anyone else interested in this now that some time has passed?

We were trying to get our help desk status system ( to send email notifications in to Discourse (from an email address of a valid user) for incident announcements, and then update that topic when when another email is sent with the same (unique) subject stating that the incident is resolved.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to do this without handling email differently.