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Hello everyone. I have some queries that I feel would be best answered here. Everyone here definitely more knowledge than me about discourse and hence looking forward to gain some insights.

  1. When a poll is created, is there any setting in discourse that shows the percentage of votes casted , before the polling time period is over ? Kindly point me to it.

  2. What can be a possible explanation for the fact that the number of edits for a topics go down , instead of going up, after edits are made to that topic. Let me elaborate on this.

Suppose I created a topic and then I edited it. The number of edits to that topic are shown with a pencil (pen) sign in top right corner. More the topic is edited, more is the number of edits. But can the number of edits go down? I think that it can only happen when the topic itself is deleted and a new topic (poll) is created.

Would appreciate the insights by members here. If there is something in my post that is not understandable, kindly point it out so that I can make better efforts to put my query forward.

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what do you mean by this? You want to see results before the end of the vote?

that’s determined by this setting under the cog when you set up the poll:


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Thanks for replying to the thread.

Let me give an example.

I create a poll with two options.

Users cast their votes.

Once a user casts their vote, they can see how many votes each option got. (Percentage of votes)

Isn’t that what happens when you choose “Show results…” “only after voting”?

Bar charts show percentages explicitly.

Pie Charts … well I guess that assumed to be fairly obvious, but if you need to you can export results and analyse in a spreadsheet. It will in any case be really obvious which has the majority vote.

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Does this show percentages for the results?
  • Yes, I think so
  • I’m not sure
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Should we add percentages to pie charts?
  • Yes, I think so
  • I’m not sure
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Yeah, it might be nice to add percentages for the Pie display?


Thanks everyone for replying to the post.

I have one more query that I posted above.

Kindly refer to point 2 on the original post on this topic.

Any pointers are appreciated.

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Ah, it tends to be best if you keep separate support questions in separate topics so they don’t get lost in the mix (and it helps people when searching for answers later).

Edits can be hidden and also permanently deleted if a site has that particular setting enabled, so they could go down in that case. But people do often muck up a poll and then can’t edit it after 5 minutes, so will rather burn it and start a fresh topic instead.


Wow Jammy. That’s very helpful.

Thanks for taking out your time.

Have a great day ahead.

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