Related to UI/UX improvements (Discourse not Flarum!)

Continuing the discussion from Which is Better? Discourse or Flarum?:

I want to contribute and continue good discussing here (I learned that everything can be improved and that doesn’t mean that previous state was wrong).

I love Discourse, their team, the civilized discussion concept and almost everything we see here on Meta :slight_smile:

But I don’t agree that Discourse is keeping old because to be simplier and I found that premise actually false.

We have the same profile icon repeated three times with a ton of unused lists at profile pages, a lot of bloat in notifications panel and a super complex layout of keyboard shortcuts that probably only a couple of devs found useful.

That’s not simple at all. And we get the same feeling founding the reply button (I’m OK with the not-reply-nonsense approach) at the first time, creating a topic and/or using moderation basics tools, building the site (!)

I’m the only one that founds the floating timeline on mobile super weird?

I’m trying to move it to the bottom and make it bigger using CSS but I’m not a dev so it takes me a lot of time until something changes and broke my workarounds.

Improving is day-today activity: Categories, new, latest and central buttons was redesigned and I found that movement great for our audience experience :ok_hand::+1:

IMHO the whole thing building products and services is to think like our audience (or better talking directly) on the first steps, and point the all the work -beyond security and values- into that.

Discobot didn’t changed the fact that Discourse can improve a lot the experience getting a minimalistic approach from UI/UX perspective and updating some design concepts to modern ones.

Modern is not complex, old is not simple. Modern and old can be simple and beautiful at the same time.

Please, don’t get wrong on this! We already know that UI/UX is only the package, but we are in 2023 and Discourse is supposed to exist for all-the-people (not only for devs like Stack Overflow).

What’s your toughts about it?

  • I want simplistic UI/UX
  • I want modern UI/UX
  • I’m OK as is
  • I don’t care

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Note to team → please move or edit wathever you consider appropiate on this topic. You are doing a superb job over here!

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I’m not 100% sure what the aim of this topic is @matenauta? It seems a bit scattershot.

If you have some specific ideas for UX/UI improvements you’re probably better off creating individual topics for them so people can discuss the merits in detail (even better if you can throw in some screenshots, and even some mocks if you can :+1:)


I don’t know the difference between simplistic and modern UI/UX. I didn’t even know UI and UX (those are two different things, BTW) can be classified that way.

I could give a vote but option functional UI/UX was missing.


Sure, that could be a good starting point for posts and topics:

FA solid icons and default colors could be improved for more contrast and less space. Icons are using a lot of space without too much functionality (maybe share could be moved right on top at every post in order to give more space?).

Then we have this on mobile:

And full-width could be more used and friendly than a floating rectangle (looks different to every single app nowdays and kinda weird :sweat_smile:).

In profile we have this:

And could be better imitate some of this (I understand that vertical navbar should be mandatory but simplify options and stop using the same icon three times could be a good starting point):

Could you split these out into separate topics per issue so we can track them better?


Sure! I’m with a few mandatory tasks first but if that stills without splitting I probably get it done before the weekend.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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