Related topics gone from Meta

Wasn’t sure if this was intentional or not, just noticed that only “New and Unread Topics” is at the bottom of topics now.

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Hmm. I can see it on some topics, but not all. (iPhone/safari)

Interesting, I don’t see it on support, bug, marketplace, etc, but it is showing up on migration and announcements

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I have noticed on the OpenAI site where a topic will be missing the suggested tab then when I come back to the topic latter it will be there. Don’t know if it is a bug or a feature.

Have you tried options such as browser refresh, leave topic then revisit topic, logout and login, F12 checking for errors, etc. to isolate the problem.

I currently have 2 unread topics, and I see Related topics here now, let me see if it persists after reading those.

Edit: It did persist, strange.

Still missing on support and marketplace for me though.

They seem to have reappeared for me. Perhaps we caught it napping?

They are back now, that was weird.

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I’ll stash it in site feedback in case it reappears/re-disappears. :+1:

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suggested will vanish if you clear it, and will come back once you have an unread or a new…

Ah I named the report wrong, I meant the related topics. (Now fixed so I don’t confuse more people)

This just started back up for me, seems like just support and feature this time.

I still see related topics below support topics Not those are “new and unread”

@awesomerobot I think those are all read and there is also one from january 2023

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Just like last time, the issue has now vanished. I wish we knew what caused these weird blips.

And it’s back. Again. On support. This is such a weird flaky bug.

recent issue was not a bug, we had to disable them for a few hours a few days ago.

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They were off specifically on support yesterday?

One thing to be aware of is that the feature is built to fail gracefully if a topic has missing information to calculate it’s related topics. As everything happens async when a topic is created, you will have topic visits where the information isn’t there, so we fallback to not showing related and queue a background job to fix the situation in the next minutes.

Unless a topic goes for hours without Related information, the feature is working as expected.


I usually see it happen in a per-category basis, which feels odd.

Other than that, good to know that it’s expected to occasionally be missing.