Remote themes not in database

I’ve got a site running Discourse 2.2.0.beta4 - version 75340424274f4347e5f1f46b39d33468b9bfe5d7 with a remote theme. I don’t see in the UI how to see where the remote theme is coming from. I tried looking in rails and see a whole bunch of remote themes with all of the fields (except timestamps) empty or nil.

When I try to “check for updates” from the UI I get /var/www/discourse/lib/theme_store/git_importer.rb:74:in import_public!’: fatal: The empty string is not a valid path`.

I’m upgrading now, but the URL for the theme seems not to be in the database.

I haven’t tried replicating anywhere else.

Is it a theme that was uploaded using the Theme CLI? I see the same error if I try to check a theme for updates via the UI if that’s how it was added originally.


That’s gotta be it. That would explain most everything. Thanks, @awesomerobot.

Seems like the UX should indicate that it was uploaded that way somehow, though. It’s confusing in the UX and I was even more confused when I looked in the database.

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I ran into this issue not too long ago too, when a theme moved Github repos. The error message wasn’t particularly helpful and I ended up having to redownload the theme and fire up a text editor to be able to see the origin.

An icon indicating where the theme came from (upload/CLI/github) with any URLs in the tooltip would be hugely helpful when digging into this stuff.


Cc @Johani and @sam we need this.


FYI Already discussed here:

I started working on a PR but got stuck. I can have a second look this weekend, but am happy to pass over.