Removal of bio and suspension reason for staff

Hey there,
I noticed that suspended users have their bio removed when clicking on their full summary, but it’s still available in the preview usercard.
I think this is a feature, but I’m not sure why part of the bio is viewable in the preview.

Also, if a user is suspended for 1000 years/permaban, is the suspension reason automatically removed? I think this is a product of an update, since the reasons were there in previous versions

Please let me know if this is categorized wrongly or is an irrelevant post, I just wasn’t sure where to post it.
I am not an admin or creator of the forum this is regarding by the way!


just bumping this in case someone has a response ^^

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Sure @Dax can you have a look?


This only happens for staff users

If there is an existing bio on a user’s profile, the staff must have access to check its content (avoid spam, offensive things, etc.)

Anons or normal users instead will see only the suspension reason.


No, the time set for the ban, which is only 1 day or 1000 years, has no influence in this case. The site admins have probably only activated the site settings hide suspension reason.

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Thank you for the insight! I appreciate it!

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