Remove case sensitivity for add to group API call

(Jay Pfaffman) #1

One can PUT to https:// host/groups/GROUP_ID/members.json with usernames set to a username. The username is case-sensitive, though.

I’m working with a client who is using Zoho webhooks to have people purchase something that adds them to a Discourse group. I’m having them manually enter their username (which I hate to do, but I don’t see a clean non-plugin way around it). It works like a charm unless they enter their username “MyCoolName” as “mycoolname”.

If this isn’t likely to get changed in core in the short term, can I fix this easily in a plugin? I don’t see that put in config/route.rb. What would I need to override?

(Blake Erickson) #2

I’ll work on this. I was just working near here.

(Kenny DuBose) #4

Thanks Blake, I can certainly benefit from this, and I believe others also.

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(Blake Erickson) #6

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