Remove Case Sensitive in adding users to a message


I’m facing a problem that I think is solved elsewhere.

When I try to write usernames by copying them from a list and some of them aren’t exactly as their accounts, I get errors. lots of them.
I need to check every username for any capitals or smalls that are written differently in the list than their account usernames.

I’ve also noticed that this isn’t the case when we invite someone to an already created message. It’s not case sensitive. Not sure why the different logic.

Yet, we can’t invite multiple users using the add user inside an already create message.

Can I suggest the following?

  • Remove case-sensitivity when messaging multiple users when creating the message for the first time.
  • Remove inviting “one user at a time” in an already created message. Allow bulk invitations.

This would save us a lot of time.

Thank you for this great software. :slight_smile:


Do we have case sensitivity here @techAPJ?


I cannot repro this when composing a new message.


Adding a user to existing message works as expected too.



It happens when we’re copying a list of usernames.

When starting a message:
Please create the list of usernames outside first and then copy it into the message (or just paste one username;CODINGhorrror, instead of writing it). It will remain as is when copied (CODINGhorrror) and it will fail to send the message.

The suggestion in sending an invite is to be able to send to multiple members at once, instead of opening that “Send an invite” pop up multiple times.

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I was pointing to this here:

I think that error message explaining which username was not found would be sufficient.


I can repro this. Will fix. :memo:

This is not a trivial change. I can add it on my longer term list.


Done via: