Remove "data-preloaded" block in HTML for smaller page sizes?


I have been working on SEO optimizations and one of the topic I am focused on is page size. It seems that pages become heavier with the hidden data-preloaded block (sometimes quite a bit, can exceed 1MB), I understand that the data contained in this block is used to preload certain pages with data, but it seems that it also contains data not related to the current page being viewed, additionally, as explained in this topic Odd "data-preloaded" element in HTML, when navigating around (click), “the block isn’t used and data is fetched dynamically from the server”.

Hence, I am wondering if it would be possible to remove it completely or partially in order to improve page size, therefore page load to improve both SEO score as well as user experience. Please let me know what you advice on this matter :pray:


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Up! Please need some help on that matter :pray: