Onebox not embedding locally uploaded media files

(Chris D) #1

Hi all,

One of the uses of my Discourse will be a video “library” where I want to allow moderators to post video tutorials to help users. I enabled the “Enable embedding of swf and flv (Adobe Flash) links in oneboxes…” option under /admin/site_settings/category/onebox, and then added a new topic and uploaded a flv file.

Below is what it looks like…

What I want is for the flv file to onebox or embed in the topic, not a link to download. So then I tried changing the link using the Editor and used the “Insert Hyperlink” button in the editor to change it from…

<a class="attachment" href="/uploads/default/32/ec65cca47b7bff0d.flv">How to open a service request.flv</a>


[how to create a service request][1]


And it is just a link (no onebox) :frowning:. See below…

Is there something else I need to do to have the flv files get onebox’d? Basically I want the flv files to just show embeded in the topic so the user does not have to download the flv file first - I’d like them to be able to just watch straight on the topic.

Thanks for any help or tips! If I am not understanding how this should work, please let me know what I am doing wrong, just started using Discourse recently.

PS - I have to put out there that the Discourse community has made me welcome and everyone has been super helpful to me. I am loving Discourse and I really think it’s going to benefit my organization.


(Chris D) #2

Anyone have any advice on this?

(Jeff Atwood) #3

That should be all that is necessary, perhaps there is a bug.

(Chris D) #4

Yes, I think it might be a bug. Anything I can do to help get this fixed, or any workarounds (modify code) :smile:?

(Jeff Atwood) #5

The oneboxer was pulled out into its own code, so perhaps there?

(Chris D) #6

As I test, I added a link to an flv file on an outside site ( and it gets Onebox’d fine.

It seems like only flv files uploaded on the localhost (server hosting Discourse) don’t get Onebox.

I did whitelist own domain in Discourse from /admin/site_settings/category/onebox and also selected the " Enable embedding of swf and flv (Adobe Flash) links in oneboxes…" option, but still does not work. Does this give any clue to a dev out there? I wish I knew where to start to get this fixed. I am willing to manually fix this but just don’t know where to start :frowning:. Any more help on this? Pretty please.


(Kane York) #7

I think this is a bug behavior, so I re-titled it as such. The local links shouldn’t really be treated differently here.

The bug is that this will onebox:

And this won’t:


(Chris D) #8

Thanks for re-categorizing this as a bug, @riking!

(Chris D) #9

HI there, has there been any update on getting this fixed :smile:?

(Kane York) #10

I just fixed this!

(Chris D) #11

Great news, this is so so awesome @riking :smiley:!!! I am really eager to try out the fix this in my Discourse installation now. I took a look at fix on Github. Can you confirm if I just need to make those changes to the 2 files and I will be good to go?
-remove one line and add 2 lines to app/assets/javascripts/discourse/lib/onebox.js
-add 19 lines to lib/onebox/engine/discourse_local_onebox.rb

Thanks again!

(Kane York) #12

The fix is merged, no need to monkeypatch it in. You’ll get it in the next update.

(Chris D) #13

I got the notification about 1.3.0.beta6 and I already updated my Discourse - it’s working :)!!! Thanks again @riking. You rock.

(Arpit Jalan) #14

Revisited this issue again via:

Should be properly fixed now.

(Arpit Jalan) #15