Remove images from emailed reply to forum

Discourse is good at removing email footers but sometimes people have images that slip through the net. I would be happy to disallow all images in emailed replies. Is there any way of doing this?

Is this setting relevant?

secure media allow embed images in emails

Allows embedding secure images that would normally be redacted in emails, if their size is smaller than the ‘secure media max email embed image size kb’ setting.

secure media max email embed image size kb

The size cutoff for secure images that will be embedded in emails if the ‘secure media allow embed in emails’ setting is enabled. Without that setting enabled, this setting has no effect.

No those settings are related to our secure media feature, which allows sites to more securely store images, videos, and other files.

I don’t believe so… there is a setting called blocked attachment filenames… so if you’re having a consistent problem with a specific email signature (for example, an image named “email-signature.jpg” that keeps slipping through) you could add that to the setting.


Thanks. I searched for “blocked” and saw the setting below. To prevent .jpg files should I add jpeg to the list?

blocked attachment content types





List of keywords used to blocklist attachments based on the content type.

Yeah that will do it. If you want to block all attachments * should work too.

Thanks. I’ll give that a go! Is there a list of keywords for that setting? Is it related to this? Media Types

I’m going to assume the answer to my last question is Yes, and mark this as solved :slight_smile:

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Oh yes sorry I missed your reply, that is correct

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