Remove plug-in data please!

I’ve got a plugin (unofficial of course) which has collected a bunch of corrupt data which is causing problems. Can you help me to sort it out?

What I’d like to do is wipe out the data associated with the plugin (in this case Custom Wizard Plugin 🧙) and start afresh.

I know that if I just uninstall the plugin and re-install it, the data will be preserved:

This is not what I want. I want that data wiped!

I love the plugin, but have clearly pushed it a little too far. @angus - you might have a clever trick for me too of course.

Hey @nathankershaw.

If you’re absolutely sure you want to do that, you can do this in your server command line

./launcher enter app
rails c
PluginStoreRow.where(plugin_name: 'custom_wizard').destroy_all

Note that this will not destroy all logs associated with the custom wizard. To do that you can do the following. There shouldn’t be any reason to destroy logs however, unless you have some kind of privacy concern.

./launcher enter app
rails c
PluginStoreRow.where(plugin_name: 'custom_wizard_log').destroy_all

If you have time please make a post here describing the issue as you see it: Discussion - Pavilion.


Thanks Angus - that is amazing service! I’ll post about the issue I encountered there.

Now, the method above should work for any plugin, huh? Sweet.

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Not necessarily unfortunately. Different plugins use different storage methods.

I would also just note that the Custom Wizard Plugin has a “Manager” which you can use to essentially do the same thing. I’m interested to learn what issues you had, but let’s continue the conversation over at


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