Will uninstalling a plugin leave any residual debris files in the database?

Edit the app.yml File:
Navigate to my Discourse installation directory, typically /var/discourse.
Open the containers/app.yml file.
Remove the lines that reference the plugin you want to uninstall. These lines usually look like git clone https://github.com/username/plugin-name.git.
Save the changes to the app.yml file.
Rebuild the Application:
Run ./launcher rebuild app from the /var/discourse directory.

I want to delete the Discourse plugin installed on self-hosting in this way, will this leave any residual debris files in the database?

If it does, what do I need to do to completely remove it, even the residual debris files?

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It depends on the plugin

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When limited to Discourse official plugins, how do i generally remove residue?

It depends on the plugin. Some add stuff, some don’t.

Some add custom fields. Some add tables. Mostly they don’t hurt anything and you’re more likely to break something by trying to remove them than they are likely to cause problems.

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  1. Discourse User Notes
  2. Discourse Templates
  3. Events Plugin 📆
  4. Multilingual Plugin 🌐
  5. Discourse Private Replies

I would like to know how to delete a plugin like this.

User notes appears to use the plugin store and user custom fields. You’d need to look at the source to see the keys used for each to remove them. If you’re not comfortable doing that you can ask in marketplace. I’d guess it would take me between 30 and 120 minutes.

They don’t take up much room and can’t hurt anything. Most people don’t worry about this issue.