Removing category descriptions in main page, but retain them in individual category pages?

My main landing page for my forum is the Categories page. It shows a tile for each categories (4 such tiles in each row) and each tile contains the Category name and description. I want to switch that to Categories + Latest layout - i.e. a layout where it shows Categories on the left and Latest topics on the right. (Yes, I know there’s a way to do that - I’ve forgotten how, though. Anyway, that’s not my concern now.)

My concern is that once we switch the main page to Categories + Layout, the categories section on the left will become too cluttered unless we remove the category description from the main landing page here. Is there a way to remove the category descriptions from here, while still retaining them in the individual category pages?

Under admin > settings, you can search for a setting called desktop category page style

Some custom CSS should do it. If you go to admin > customize > themes and edit CSS/HTML… adding this to the common section should do it:

.categories-and-latest .category-description {
  display: none;

This guide may also help How to make CSS changes on your site


Thank you! This helps a lot!

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Hi @awesomerobot .
Thank you for the help with the CSS code.

I have a follow-up question. The CSS code (specifically the .categories-and-latest class name) you provided was for the Categories and Latest Topics View. Can you provide the same thing for other views (i.e. Boxes with Subcategories, Boxes with Featured Topics, Categories with Featured topics and Subcategories with Featured topics)?

I want to try the change, take screenshots and get opinions from within my team about which might be best to settle on.


Oh sure, this should cover all categories page layouts:

.navigation-categories #list-area { 
  .description, .category-description {
    display: none;
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Just saw this now. Thank you! This helps :slight_smile:

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