Removing Search with Google

Requesting a feature to remove “try searching with Google”, when no results are found on search page.

It will be helpful for new forums where lots of searches are not found, and users can start new topics which helps in building the forum well.

At what threshhold do you reintroduce it?

Are searches on empty fledgling communities that common?

What’s the worry here, that a newcomer might follow Google to another source?

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The admin should have the option to allow or disable it.

It’s very common to find answers in search option.

Yes, that’s the worry. If Google is trying to keep users on their page then why can’t site owners do the same.

I think it’s pretty user-hostile to deny them a quick way to find other sources which may have an answer.

Especially when the option is only visible after exhausting the local search.

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This already exists… try searching for a nonsense word. You’ll get offered the ability to start a new topic.


I believe the request is to eliminate the “or try searching with google instead” plus the search box.


Not hard to remove through editing the text content and CSS. The class for the form is google-search-form, the text content can be found by searching for “try searching with google” in Admin→Customize→Text content.

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What’s the worry here, that a newcomer might follow Google to another source?

Thanks Dannii. I can replace the text but don’t know where to make additional changes in CSS (so that it stays in case of theme update). Can you recommend a resource?

Adding CSS is easy in the theme customisation, but I don’t know how it works with modifying downloaded updateable themes sorry.

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I understand the point Stephen. But for a new forum you want users to ask questions within the forum for its growth. If they still don’t or like the forum, then they are free to close the tab and search for other sources on Google. That’s how many of us search for things I guess.

Just write a new theme component with this CSS, and add it to every selectable theme on the forum.


Thanks. It’s done now :slight_smile:

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