Rename tag not working as expected

When I’m editing the next tag the prepopulated tag is the last tag that I edited earlier.

Let me explain

I have two tags:

wanda-vision, wonder-woman

I edited the first tag

wanda-vision → WandaVision

Now I’m editing second tag

wonder-woman → Wonder-Woman

But but now the prepopulated value for wonder-woman tag is WandaVision (the value That I entered for previous tag)

But after refreshing the page the prepopulated value will work fine.


I was able to replicate this. Here’s my bug report:

Priority/Severity : not high priority. Even if the user clicks rename tag by accident, it won’t let them change the tag because it’s already taken.

Platform : self hosted discourse instance version 2.7.0.beta7 in safe-mode.

Description : when a user changes the name of a tag, and then goes to rename another tag, the name configured in the previous tag shows up in the rename modal. This happens as long as the page is not refreshed.

For example, I have two tags: “naruto” and “sasuke”. First, I rename “naruto” to “uzumaki”. Before the change, the input field in the rename modal is already populated with “naruto”. Then I go to change “sasuke”, the input field is populated with “uzumaki” instead of “sasuke”.

The expected behavior here is that the input field is populated with the tag name to change.

I’m thinking the issue may be in the way the tag info is being updated in the ember modal?


This should be fixed by:

Thanks for the neat report @Momin and @cocococosti !

Let me know if you still get any issue after getting this patch deployed.


Thanks @joffreyjaffeux
I will test and let you know.

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