Duplicate tags after capitalizing a tag

I have a tag, let’s say utk, and then I rename it to UTK. When I want to tag a post to this tag, I found duplicate choices in the filter. Both version exist. But on the tags page, there is only one version, which is UTK. And I can use either one of them to tag a post and tag filter can successfully filter the post.

How can I get rid of the utk and only keep the UTK?

This is probably yours @david?


@Tommy_Trojan could you please let me know whether you have “force lowercase tags” enabled? If you are able to share the link of the site that would be also be useful, but I understand if you can’t.


Thank you for your replay. I don’t have force lower case tags enabled. and it’s on local machine, still on testing stage. But thank you all for this wonderful app.

I attached a screenshot of inspect, hope it helps.

Ok, I think this is the same issue described here. It’s always been an issue to some extent, but it’s a lot more noticable now that we allow mixed-case tags. Once you save the changes to the topic and refresh the page, it should not show duplicate tags.

Thanks @Tommy_Trojan, I’ll ping you when it’s fixed.


This should be fixed by

@Tommy_Trojan can you update to the latest version and give it a try?

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@david Hi David, It works perfectly now. Thank you very much for your wonderful work.


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