Rename Templates plugin to ‘Discourse Reply Templates’ to be more descriptive

Will this interact at all with the “Topic Template” feature in categories? I suppose not, but I’m finding the naming confusing…

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You’re correct, they’re completely seperate things.

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It’s probably not a big deal, but I’d suggest renaming this to Discourse Reply Templates — not just because of that possible confusion, but to make it clear exactly what is being templated. (A completely new user might think that it has something to do with themes or layout.)


Tricky, this is also used for OP (first post) templates. And these are not replies.

Discourse Post Templates may work, but we also allow (or will allow) you to use the templates elsewhere (in moderation scenarios, potentially for ban messages and so on…)


IMO, reply-templates or post-templates wouldn’t work very well because Templates can be used in other scenarios. In fact we already allow using it in any textarea in Discourse if the user uses the shortcut key to call the Insert Template modal.


Oh, wait — maybe I totally misunderstood. So it can replace the category templates? I’ll have to go play with it some more…

Not really, that is a different feature altogether. Category templates are a “starting point” for all new discussions in a category. Templates are canned text anyone can insert in any textarea in Discourse but they need to take explicit actions to make it so.

Perhaps they could be combined? The category setting could, instead of carrying a template directly, have a reference to one of these new things.

That does make logical sense! Using the same term to denote different things in different places is the road to madness.

I could see them being combined nicely one day (when it moves to core perhaps?)