Render a component within a Widget. (Using select-kit components within plugin code)

If we successfully define a select-kit component within a plugin we are easily able to use it within a *.hbs template file using its pluginApiIdentifiers however, in order to attach that component within a widget using JS code I am not able to make it work. For instance:

I have:

import DropdownSelectBoxComponent from 'select-kit/components/dropdown-select-box';

export default DropdownSelectBoxComponent.extend({
  pluginApiIdentifiers: ['header-profile-dropdown'],
  autoHighlight() { ... },

  computeContent() {
    return items;

  mutateValue(id) { ... }

Then I can go to any template I want to overwrite and write like:

(taking as an example the discovery template)

<div id="list-area">

And the snippet above will work flawlessly, BUT how I will include that component into a widget like:

    api.reopenWidget('user-dropdown', {
        html(attrs, state) {
          if ( {
            return h('div.profile-dropdown-container', [
              this.attach('header-notifications', attrs),
              --> I NEED ATTACH THE COMPONENT HERE <--


NOTE: much of the code has been skipped to keep the post brief. Feel free to ask for the full code if needed.

PD: I have already tried to describe this issue at How to attach a component to a widget with just markup? but looks like it was a too complicated explanation so I am trying to reduce the information here to make it clear and try to find an answer.

I think it was a matter of ask myself the right question: “How to render a component within a widget?” that’s why I updated the topic title. I have found few results already such as: How to render Component inside Widget? I will take a look and post any useful finding if it is needed.

Sadly enough looks like it is not possible, simply put we need to find a way to create a widget instead to render what we need to and render a widget within a widget, cause using the connector there are a lot of limitations. Check also: Rendering Component in decorativeWidget API

same issue here.
this is really terrible frontend code that uses widgets and ember components in the same page, it’s really hard to revamp and maintain.
can’t understand what’s the logic

An example of this is available in Discourse itself:

I wasn’t there when widgets were created, but as far as I can tell, it was created for performance reasons at a time where frontend and especially mobile frontend had huge performance issues. And for dev simplicity it was added the possibility to inject components into widgets.

You got to understand that Discourse carries some history and we can’t start from scratch every year.


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