Rendering index page with 1500 subtopics


Filling the forum now, everything is working fine) But as it fills one problem will arise.
I have about 30 categories, and about 1500 subcategories. I notice that the more subcategories, the longer the main page takes to form (about 5 seconds at the moment). Other than that, it works pretty fast. My configuration is 4 cores, 6 GB RAM, SSD. The shared buffers are set to 1.5 GB.
Maybe there is some ready-made recommendations how to increase loading speed of the main page? I don’t think the problem is in the postgresql sampling, I think it is in the rendering of the main page.
Thank you.

This is a bit excessive, don’t you think ?

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Have you considered using tags?


What quantity is acceptable? 10? 100? 500? 1000? Where is it written?
What component doesn’t support that number?
I’m sure that everything can be done, it’s just a question of labor and knowledge)

I think every forum will have a different set-up and style, and different organisational needs, so there’s not going to be a precise number, but 1500 subcategories is certainly at the larger end. :slightly_smiling_face: How many topics do you have in each subcategory? (and could they be better served using tags)


I think it’s between 500 and 1000. There isn’t an exact answer.

You almost certainly want to use tags for the 1500. It’s also very difficult to select one of 1500 categories.

I think that’s a big part of part of it, so you’d need to upgrade your desktop and that off all of your users. Iphone has really good javascript performance, so maybe you could try that. Or tags.


Thanks for the answers) I’m still just setting up a forum, and trying out different options. Assumed there might be some known tools for fine-tuning, or caching.

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