Combination of categories and sub-categories

I know that the max number of categories in the hosted offering is set to 500. I’m wondering if that is the total of categories AND sub-categories combined or, could we have, say, 100 categories each with 50 sub-categories.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Unsure, but have you considered using tags instead categories?

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For standard and business subscriptions, it is the total of categories and subcategories combined. So you wouldn’t be able to have 100 categories each with 50 sub-categories.

As @sunjam suggested, using tags is a good alternative.

I would like to third the suggestion of using tags.

I’m a moderator on he NaNoWriMo forums which are an Enterprise customer due to the sheer size of the forums. We have over 900 categories and while necessary in our case, it makes moderation an outright nightmare at times because some places in the UI are glitchy because there are so many categories. As an example, the categories menu on the Create Topic screen takes anywhere from 1-5 seconds to open.

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Thanks for the replies.

Regarding the use of tags as an alternative. My application is to have each sub-category visible to only a specific group — a private sub-category so to speak. When we’ve set things up this way the only people seeing the long list of sub-categories are the admins. A typical end user would just see their own sub0category and any non-group-specific categories in the system. All other sub-categories would be hidden from them since they aren’t in the connected group.

I’d love to use tags for this instead. Is there a way of attaching a tag to a group and making any topics with that tag only visible to the connected group?

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