Reopening: User avatar still appearing after topic split


(Joshua Rosenfeld) #1


After moving posts to a new topic, the Latest view still shows users whose posts no longer remain in the thread. The summary box under the OP does not show the additional user, however. @sam deployed a fix back on November 17, however this seems to have regressed. No date on when it regressed, sorry!

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a topic
  2. Have another user respond
  3. Move all posts by other users to a new topic

Expected Results:

Latest view only shows user images whose posts are still in the topic

Actual Results:

Latest view shows user images whose posts were previously moved.


Reopening discussion from this thread:


“Latest” view:

Topic itself (bottom of OP to end of thread):

Versions and Mods:

Discourse 1.5.0.beta7 (

System Information:

Windows 10 Pro, Chrome Stable 47

"Users" column not updated after deleted posts
(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

Just noticed this again, however this time the topic wasn’t split, the posts were just deleted. See images below:

User icon remains in latest list after post is deleted
(Joshua Rosenfeld) #3

Looks like both of these issues have been resolved by @eviltrout’s fix here. Feel free to close this up!

(Jeff Atwood) closed #4