Reorganizing the badge page

Continuing the discussion from Badge Discussion: Like Ratios + Spending Likes:

Back during the discussion of the new like related badges, @riking brought up how large the community category on the badge page was getting, and suggested adding a few new categories.

@codinghorror made a few quick changes, but even after the badge page redesign, the community category is still huge. Looking at badges on all site (ignoring custom Meta badges), I would like to re-suggest the following new categories:

Popular Link - Bronze
Nice Post - Bronze
Nice Topic - Bronze
Hot Link - Silver
Good Post - Silver
Good Topic - Silver
Famous Link - Gold
Great Post - Gold
Great Topic - Gold
Welcome - Bronze
Appreciated - Bronze
Out of Love - Bronze
Thank You - Bronze
Respected - Silver
My Cup Runneth Over - Silver
Gives Back - Silver
Admired - Gold
Crazy in Love - Gold
Empathetic - Gold
Promoter - Bronze
Nice Share - Bronze
Campaigner - Silver
Good Share - Silver
Champion - Gold
Great Share - Gold

That would leave the community category to look like:
1 year anniversary - Silver
Tech Support - Silver
Scribe - Gold