User-awarded badges and more

(Ronteras) #1

Tried to find the similar topic, but failed :D.

While badges feature is on its way with all great stuff, what about having the some badges category, (restricted by certain categories or not) that can be awarded by the users?

Imagine the category “Custom ROM” or “SSD” or whatever, that involves lots of Q&A and support on some forums. There always will be active users that love to help others. They always are there and besides the automatic or admin given badges there will be also badges that are given by users as a thank you. All users will have “grant that badge” icon either below their post or under the profile and after getting “random number” badges from users, he/she will be automatically awarded with “Android ROM God” or whatever, predefined by moderation/administration.


If user generates certain amount of likes in particular category - gets particular badge designed for that category.

Maybe this one is on your list, haven’t checked yet.

(Sam Saffron) #2

I can totally accept that, needs a spread as well but a fine badge idea. (100 likes in a category with at least 1 like in 40 topics) or something.

(Juffin) #3

I second this, very useful for user motivation :smile:

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #4

Yep, would like this very much. Related post:

Similarly, your reason for Liking something in a “Troubleshooting” category is very different from what you Like in “Development” or “Showcase” etc.

(Ronteras) #5

Yes, this is why it should be selectively applied to the certain categories and smart forum owners can turn this tool into powerful booster for help/troubleshooting/etc categories.